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I now believe that Molecular Hydrogen is able to help almost everyone at least a little at every age. It has even dramatically improved my health virtually overnight at age 81. I hope you decide to try it now, so I can add your comments to the positive testimonials I am receiving from others in our FACT group who have already been using it. The Science you will find in the attached chapter to the new book on Hydrogen coming out this month further convinces me that everyone should it least try it. It has already helped so many of the lucky people I have already asked to try it. H2 BEV is an amazingly easy way to improve our health, as it appears that none of us today have optimal levels of hydrogen. One way is find out it to consume molecular hydrogen yourself for a while. Just drink 1-2 bottles a day of H2 Bev from

Please get curious and go to You will soon see that the science about molecular hydrogen is exploding everywhere. Maybe one day no one will run a race without being on it. This newly released chapter on hydrogen and health is from a friend Dr. Garth Nicolson. This new book on hydrogen will be published soon. I believe that all of us must seriously consider supplying one or two bottles of H2 BEV a day from to all our patients and their families and then let them decide if this is worth continuing. There is no need to wait until you hear some more of the testimonials I keep receiving more of each day, please just dive in today and try some for yourself and your family.
H2 hydrogen is available now in a convenient, proven stable beverage container so that the H2 (hydrogen) are not escaping, as they always leave a plastic bottle rapidly, here it cannot escape. Finally we have an easy, convenient, affordable method of reliably providing meaningful levels of H2 (HYDROGEN) to the consumer. I believe that this in one of the biggest, most convenient, affordable, non-toxic, well-documented breakthroughs for health that I have discovered in years.

We should all want to get a copy of this brand new book on hydrogen just to show our patients. Now, we can quickly and easily show them why this is the bottled water they want their entire family receiving at least once a day. Now, they cannot only stay in better health but many of them may even begin to describe the amazing health improvements I continue to hear about each day from those of you who have already bought a case. Some people get so much energy, they may start to even excel in sports, and most report improved endurance too after drinking H2 BEV for a few days.

You do not have to buy all 500 of the recently published peer reviewed articles on molecular hydrogen to learn this new subject. You can easily review them all nicely organized by topics, including Acne and Cancer, free, when you just go to But you will want to own a copy of this new book. I have attached a copy of Dr.Nicolson’s 45 page chapter.
Longevity International and Gordon Research are now ordering H2 BEV in special bottles that do not lose the hydrogen before your patients drink it. We purchase them by the palette, 2100 bottles at a time, as getting them by the palette brings shipping costs way down dramatically from over $1 per bottle to 25 cents per bottle. That way I have plenty on hand in my office for patients.
I also now always can have access to extra bottles to imprint the H2 BEV using the CYBERSCAN for my patients that often have sent me a teaspoon of their hair. Using the Cyberscan on the bottles first, the water can provide even more personalized benefit to our patients. Just as In Homeopathy, I use a little dose of the thing(s) that bother you, like lead or DDT, to assist your body in resolving those challenges.

Once you experience this astounding breakthrough in your health, you will want to offer this to not just your patients, but to everyone you know and care about too. Giving out the information with your own code will also become over time a very nice side income. The price is $3 per bottle but the commission is $7.50 per $45.00 case of 15 bottles amounts to 0.50 $ per bottle and once people try it, they will start to have the amazing health benefits that I have only begun to report to you but there is no one that is failing to see some benefit, and some benefits for some people are huge. If you know 500 people that are inclined to try your ideas, that could easily mean $250$500 a day or $7,500 to $10,000 a month added income for years to come. There are few if any safe medicines or supplements that I know that can deliver more benefit for less cost to almost every patient you see.
— Dr. Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H)

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