Fequently Asked Questions

What to do?

Just follow the prompts and sign up.

What to expect?

It may take a bit to learn to navigate the site.  There is a short video below that explains the process.

Is there a cost?

For the time being it is free.  We hope that you will see the benefit of the service and tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Do I have to be a member?

Although you will get the new questions each week, you will not be able to participate unless you register.  To ask questions, answer questions, search archives or contact a member you will need to sign up.

Who can join?

Any qualified medical, research or industry professionals. Our registration process takes a few days to get fully approved but access to the site is available for that short time.

What about confidentiality?

Agreeing to the terms and conditions is an important and mandatory step.  It includes such things as:

  • Not revealing names or identifiers that would compromise HIPAA regulations
  • Allowing the members to look up your profile
  • Refraining from any advertising of products that you sell
  • Not harassing other or using inappropriate language
  • Not copying the material and using it on your website or reproducing it without the permission of FF and or the author
  • Your privacy is important that is why no one can use your statements publicly in any format that identifies you as the author, or identifies your patient.
  • And a lot more – so read the Terms and Conditions.

Drs Fact Forum is here to promote participation and provide a powerful tool for alternative physicians.

What if I disagree with some of the advice given?

This is your opportunity to submit your understanding by adding your comments to the questions and answers that have been given.